What is a suitable age for my child to attend a class?

Baby Massage classes at Flourish are suitable for babies from 6 weeks to active crawling. Baby Yoga classes are suitable for babies from 8 weeks to active crawling. C-Section mummy’s are advised to wait until 12 weeks to allow yourself time to heal as the Yoga classes include exercises for mummy too.

What should I bring to class?

All you need to bring is a towel for your baby to lie on, a cushion and all other usual items your baby may need. We provide everything else!

What if my baby crys, is asleep or needs a nappy change or feed during the class?

We don’t mind at all! Always respond to your babies needs, and continue with the class once baby is feeling calm and relaxed again. Always follow your babies cues and please don’t worry about missing anything as we repeat the strokes the following week and you will receive a PDF handout with all strokes at the end of the classes.

What oil do we use?

We use an Organic Sunflower Seed oil which is 100% natural and contains nutrients that nourish babies skin. It is a vegetable based oil, therefore if it goes in babies mouth or eyes it will not cause any harm and does not sting.

When is the best time to massage my baby?

There is no specific time that is best for massage, all babies are different and you should choose a time in your day when both yourself and baby are relaxed. Baby should be quiet but alert. During class parents will learn the massage strokes and techniques and use these confidently at home at a time that feels right.

What is the difference between Baby Massage and Baby Yoga?

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga share lots of benefits, however Baby Yoga stimulates baby not only through touch but also music and movement. The movements in yoga compliment the movements we use in Baby Massage and by using both practices together baby is provided with a higher degree of support within the different systems of the body, such as their digestive and muscular system.

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