Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a unique, fun class bringing well-being to both parent and baby through music and movement in a fun atmosphere.

Flourish Baby Yoga classes, are an excellent continuation from Flourish Baby Massage, but do not require you to have completed the massage classes first. Parents will learn Baby Yoga stretches, positions, holds, swings and dips. However the class is not just for the baby’s, parents will practice deep breathing techniques and relaxation exercises, releasing tension, as well as yoga inspired stretches, a gentle way for mummy’s to ease back into exercise.

  • Helps to develop both the Vestibular System (Balance) and the Proprioceptive System (Body Awareness) .
  • Helps to strengthen muscles and joints as well as stimulating body systems such as the circulatory system.
  • Relief from Colicky pains and wind.
  • Relaxation and stress relief in both parent and baby.
  • Enhancing and continuing the bonding process, through quality time between you and your baby.
  • Promotes communication and Language development through the use of songs.
  • Stimulates baby’s senses through a variety of different stimulus, including movement, touch, song and stretching.
  • Promotes Tummy time and Active Play

The Flourish Baby Yoga classes run in 5 week cycles, and are suitable for babies from 12 weeks to active crawling.

Courses are currently being run at:

  • The Rushcliffe Golf Club, East Leake
  • Hocus Pocus Soft Play Centre, Beeston
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